The Outer Beauty of Open Source - Catalyst Design Team

23 November 2016 by MaryRose Painter

Open Source software is beautiful. It's beautiful because you can see the code, share the code and change the code. Our talented developers make sure that when you look under the hood, you'll be delighted by what you find. But did you know that we also take care of the outer beauty of our technology projects? It's true - we have an outer beauty department. They're our design team.

The design team includes business analysts, front-end developers, UX specialists, visual designers and accessibility specialists. They work closely with our development teams, and directly with end users to make interfaces that really work for them. This means everything we produce works, looks and feels just right.

Design team working on a project

Our clients rave about the design team. They like the frequent project updates delivered in plain English, depth of thinking, engaging presentation style and willingness to answer the tough questions. They also love the clever and eye-catching solutions the team comes up with.

Our design team are smart cookies, and they've got business nous that puts other design shops to shame. You can count on them to really understand your organisation, your operating environment and the constraints you work under. They'll make sure everyone's on the same page.

Taranaki Regional Council screengrabs

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