Catalyst Halves Landfill Waste in Four Months

6 June 2019 by Catalyst

In four months Catalyst has reduced its landfill waste from 80% to 31% .

Last year Rob McGhee from Sustainability Trust assessed Catalyst and advised us on our waste and sustainability.

Despite previous efforts and employees showing waste awareness, Catalyst scored a disappointing grade D. After just four months of implementing and sustaining change; we were awarded an A-!

How we achieved our new grade:

Landfill waste was the most significant contributor to Catalyst’s waste, to tackle this, we focused on subdividing all waste stations; glass, cardboard, and general recyclable materials, and initiated an organic waste pick-up.

Catalyst also adopted some new behavioural techniques. All individual bins have been removed. This is key to minimise landfill waste and maximise resource recovery. Catalyst introduced desk caddies - small containers that sit on every desk - employees take these to our recycling stations, creating more awareness of individual waste volume, and ensuring recycling.

Waste Station divided up into recycling types.

General changes around the office included double-sided printing by default, and ensuring printer paper is carbon neutral. We also recycle all toner cartridges, general I.T equipment and batteries. Additionally, Catalyst now has paper recycling stations and only stock compostable hand towels.

Lastly, Catalyst has invested in a re:bank which stocks Keep Cups, food containers and reusable shopping bags. A simple but effective solution to reduce single-use products that go to landfill.

Reuseable bank, full of keep cups and lunch boxes.


Rachel Lynch, Member of the Catalyst Sustainability team, reflects, "It's fantastic that everyone at Catalyst has been so receptive to these changes, and that we've managed to create such a big impact in a short amount of time. Now that we've created good habits with our waste, we can take even more steps to reduce our waste footprint."

Is it time for your workplace to receive a waste audit?




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