What are the benefits of working with a Moodle partner?

22 February 2021 by Laura Hill

There are untold benefits with Catalyst as a Moodle partner. As a trusted partnership, Catalyst responds to a digital environment in constant evolution.


As a premium Moodle partner for over 20 years, the Catalyst network stretches globally and has offices in the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Our dedicated team comprises a unique combination of learning technologists with university, pedagogical backgrounds. Understanding your individual learning requirements is key.

We work in trusted partnerships with world-leading higher education institutions, in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, including: UCL, Monash University, University of Bath, Cambridge Judge Business School and Concordia University. 

Positioning ourselves as an extension of your institutions’ team, we deliver efficiently and effectively on your e-learning goals. We understand that setting out on our partnership journey is essential to our ongoing success in collaboration. We pride ourselves on forming strong working practices from day one, always supporting our customers by going the extra mile when needed. Catalyst has a dedicated team to walk you through the onboarding process, setting out the working practices and bedding them in. With complete transparency, we operate an open two way flow of communication.  We always give clear guidance and feedback direct from our expert team.

We're creative collaborative thinkers and problem solvers. We meet your complex business challenges whilst ensuring the reliability and security of your LMS platform. Our engineers have invaluable experience with AWS, (Amazon Web Services). We ensure your learning platform is highly performant and drives operational efficiencies.

Contribution to Moodle Open Source projects. We continually contribute to open-source projects and improve our service by collaborating with educators. This global collaboration with other open source contributors maximises your use of software and gives back to the Moodle community.

Combining our in house team expertise and latest Moodle technology, we develop and deliver solutions to give you the results you want to achieve. We financially contribute and commit to the development and future of Moodle in the interests of our customers. Open source technology is our passion at Catalyst. Our ethos is based on freedom to innovate and to share the beneficial results.

Catalyst offers 24/7 follow the sun support, as a truly global company. Our engineers are alert and ready to deal with any support issues. We pride ourselves on one to one contact giving customised solutions and not an automated response. Our partners get on with business as usual safe in the knowledge they have a robust platform with a wealth of expertise to support them.

So how then is this peace of mind maintained? Catalyst’s answer to a robust platform is our load testing services, capable of providing valuable insight, peace of mind and assurance that your web application will not falter when facing high concurrency and site activity.

We run reports and load tests to discover how an institution’s LMS platform copes with peak site traffic and how many concurrent users they can sustain before considering upgrading infrastructure.

We measure response times, or the speed at which the site is able to deliver and process information. We investigate user journeys, overall site activity and possible weak links in user experience. By using comprehensive graphs and diagrams your web application performance is accurately charted.

ISO certified for data security and peace of mind. The safeguarding of information stored in the cloud is a prime consideration and remains uppermost in the minds of all our global institutions currently. Where their data is stored and what procedures are in place to protect it are of paramount importance.

That’s why it is critical to choose a Moodle partner with ISO certification, ISO27001. With Catalyst best practices and policies exist for the continuation of business. In an ever-changing digital landscape having best practices in place can help minimise the risk of your data being compromised.

ISO27001 gives you peace of mind that your customers’ data and reputation are safeguarded. 

Making the most out of your Moodle. Catalyst brings a fresh approach to your bespoke e-learning. With over 20 years experience of working with Moodle, we will find practical solutions to your e-learning challenges.

Our team of certified e-learning consultants cover a wide range of expertise, from online learning pedagogy to reporting and data analytics. We help you to maximise the value of your learning management system by re-skilling or up-skilling your staff to get their most out of their LMS.

Catalyst train educators on how to use their e-learning platform more efficiently and effectively. We develop new resources and content to meet your on-going e-learning needs.

In addition we provide technical support and consulting for both operational and strategic requirements. By taking advantage of our bespoke training packages, together we adopt your customised style and mode of delivery. We actively engage with our Moodle partners. We unlock the potential of your team. We listen regularly to our partners, promote flexibility and respond effectively to changing requirements.

We put our customers and their needs first - supporting them to deliver on their institutional goals. Check out our customer stories.