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9 March 2021 by Laura Hill

Are you getting the most from your platform? Moodle LMS, Totara LMS and Mahara ePortfolio.

Unlock the potential of your team and enhance the e-learning experience for staff and students. Our learning technologists train teachers and educators on how to use their e-learning platform more efficiently and effectively. Our training packages will develop your team to deliver resources, activities and content to meet your e-learning needs. 

Client comments
Catalyst’s dedicated account managers really further the value delivered through our partnership. With pedagogical expertise and a university background, our learning technologist and account manager Sam Taylor has the most insight into our institution and its needs, we are always on the same page and work towards the same goal - enhancement of our learning experience. Catalyst responds quickly to our shifting requirements, the guidance our account manager provides has been invaluable. This level of support, knowledge and understanding is rare amongst the companies I’ve worked with in this sector’ Mark Glynn, Head of Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University.

What do Catalyst offer for e-learning training?
We offer consultation and expert pedagogical advice.  We work with many world-leading higher education institutions in the UK and Europe. Cambridge Judge Business School, University College London, Cambridge International Assessment Group and Bolton University. We support their learning platforms in every sense - from the hosting and maintenance, all the way up to the implementation of pedagogically considered learning interventions and activities. To learn more about who we work with in the higher education sector, read our customer stories

We bring a fresh approach to e-learning and will find practical solutions to your e-learning challenges. We drive cost savings with virtual group training which may also be recorded, saving you time, duplication of effort and maximising the effectiveness of your investment.

We offer bespoke training packages, customised to your e-learning needs, plus off the shelf training in Moodle, Mahara and Totara Site Administration, and course-focussed training for teachers and Learning Designers.  We also offer the Moodle Educator Certificate Programme for those who want professional recognition of their skills and use of Moodle that meets the  European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu). 

Accessibility training and workshop event
Our training packages include Accessibility workshop event held each month. Using the principles of Universal Design for Learning, learn how to present your learning materials, and design assessments, to be inclusive for your learners. Discover how to organise, structure and make content clear to engage all learning needs and preferences and make content and navigation consistent. Please contact Sam or Jasmin, to learn more about the first session and how to register. 

Training preparation with Bolton University
Working with Bolton University, Sam Taylor has been providing consultation and training for their lecturers as part of Bolton Online project. This project focuses on the redesign of Masters programmes so that they can be delivered 100% online. With a strong emphasis on the ‘right blend’ of asynchronous learning to compliment the live webinars, Sam has also highlighted the usefulness of core Moodle features such as activity restriction and completion to manage the flow of learning, course completion tracking to monitor student engagement and progress, as well as incorporating H5P activities to create ‘end of week’ workbooks for self assessment and to summarise key concepts.

Catalyst learning technologist team
Jasmin Davies-Hodge - Predominantly working with network and system support,  Jasmin is an experienced Learning Technologist with over 13 years experience configuring, customising and supporting Moodle and Mahara sites. This support also includes the design and delivery of inclusive and accessible e-learning content, as well as promoting the value of Universal Design to support students who need a more flexible approach to learning and assessment.

Sam Taylor - A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technology.  Sam has over 14 years of supporting teachers and learning technologists with designing and delivering learning content using core Moodle features, as well as developing authentic assessments. A former lecturer herself, Sam is also a Certified Moodle Educator and official Mahara Supporter and understands the importance of formative assessment to improve understanding and application of key concepts, whilst developing a skill set that is now required in today's digital world.

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