What’s new with Mahara ePortfolios?

2 November 2022 by Sam Taylor

As an official individual Mahara Supporter and Business Partner, on behalf of Catalyst IT Europe, I was invited to attend a recent update meeting with Kristina Hoeppner, Mahara Project Lead and  Community Facilitator, who shared with us some of the team’s updates.

  • Mahara 22.10 is coming out soon!
    Featuring a list of enhancements and new additions, the new version is out at the end of October.  As with previous releases, Kristina will be hosting a number of webinars to walk through some of these new features, as well as presenting webinars for those who are wanting to find out more about Mahara in general.

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  • Fresh-looking website
    If you haven't seen it already, go take a look at the new shiny website! The artwork is beautiful and really demonstrates Mahara’s ability to connect ideas, learning and people, as reflected through the choice of graphical design.

    Visit https://mahara.org/ to see it!
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  • New Mahara Podcast: Create. Share. Engage
    This bi-weekly podcast discusses all things ePortfolio and Mahara, from community support, pedagogical application and to experiences and feedback from users. Here are Kristina’s guests for the next few months:


    • Teresa MacKinnon on 9 November 2022

    • Sam Taylor on 23 November 2022 (yes, ME!)

    • Christine Dülfer on 7 December 2022

    • Dr Mandia Mentis and Dr Wendy Holley-Boen on 21 December 2022


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Catalyst has been the primary development company for Mahara from its beginnings in 2006 and has been supporting the worldwide community and its own clients since then. Mahara is more than an open-source software product. It is a community of educators and developers who strive to make tools available to support lifelong and life-wide learning.