12 Days of Course Design

16 December 2022 by Lya Gobetti

It’s the season for giving and this Christmas our way to give back to the wonderful community of teachers, trainers and learners was to impart some of the knowledge we’ve gained through our years of expertise working with Moodle, Totara and Mahara. For the first 12 days of December, our wonderful team at Catalyst have been working together to bring you some invaluable advice on how to enhance your own course design. SamJasminRichardLya and Leanne curated this list and shared it with you with one goal in mind: helping you achieve course design excellence. 

Here’s a quick recap to refresh your memory:


Day 1

Look back at the previous iteration of your course and use all that you’ve learned since then to start planning the new content you’ll be developing - Read more

Day 2

Be aware of any potential or recent upgrades on your site’s version that could positively impact the content you’re creating - Read more

Day 3

Keep the structure of your course in mind when planning it out - Read more

Day 4

Review all external resources you may have linked throughout your course to make sure they’re all up to date - Read more

Day 5

Think about collaborative tasks that you can add to your course and how they may help learners throughout - Read more

Day 6

Consider adding activities that engage learners in self-assessment and self-reflection to make sure learners are keeping up with the content they’re being shown - Read more

Day 7

Portfolio-building activities are also helpful and should get your learners reviewing, experimenting, presenting and reflecting on their learning - Read more

Day 8

Exploring potential open activities and resources that you may be able to add to your course but that you hadn’t considered or even knew existed - Read more

Day 9

Make sure your course is accessible to a variety of learners and students, regardless of their needs and/or preferences - Read more

Day 10

Be mindful of your learner’s well-being as you plan your course - Read more

Day 11

Go through your course from start to finish to make sure everything’s looking tip-top - Read more

Day 12

Appoint one or more people to peer review your work to make sure it’s up to par and ready to be launched - Read more

We hope you enjoyed going through this journey with us, we appreciate every single comment, like and view! But now, all there’s left to do is for us to enjoy the festivities!

All of us at Catalyst hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends this December, wherever you are and however you celebrate. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Here’s to 2023!