Navigating Moodle Upgrades: Transitioning from 3.9 to 4.1 LTS

6 December 2023 by Leanne Hughes

As we approach the deadline for the end of official security support for Moodle versions 3.9, 3.11 and 4.0 on 11th December 2023, upgrading to the latest supported version becomes more critical than ever. 

This blog post highlights the benefits of moving to Moodle 4.1 LTS, introducing a safety net for those facing time constraints – Catalyst’s Extended Security Support.

Why Upgrade to Moodle 4.1 LTS?

Moodle 4.1 LTS, released after much anticipation, is now available. The significance of this long-term stable release is underscored by its extended security support until 8th December 2025. Upgrading to the latest version not only ensures access to new features and improvements but also safeguards your platform against vulnerabilities.

The Countdown: What If You Can’t Upgrade in Time?

With the holiday season approaching and resources often stretched, the question arises: what if you can’t complete the upgrade by 11th December 2023? The good news is that your site won’t vanish overnight, but the bad news is that the longer you delay, the greater the risk of vulnerabilities and a degraded user experience.

Catalyst’s Extended Security Support:

To provide peace of mind to those facing challenges in upgrading, Catalyst offers an Extended Security Support service. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Catalyst will provide you with access to the codebase via a closed Git repository
  • Catalyst will backport Moodle 4.1 ‘s security releases to a Catalyst-managed Moodle 3.9 codebase
  • Catalyst will notify you of new backports 7 days after the release of 4.1 updates
  • On release, you and/or your Hosting Partner can access, apply and manage the releases and deployments. to your site. Catalyst can provide additional services on request.


  • Backporting is not the same as the security support that Moodle HQ provides for supported Moodle versions.
  • Catalyst will not provide proactive Moodle 3.9 security testing over and above the backporting.
  • Catalyst will be communicative about all security releases 

Who Benefits from Extended Security Support?

This service is tailored for current Moodle 3.9 users facing constraints like budget, timing, or resource limitations that hinder immediate upgrades. However, viewing this as an interim solution is essential, as good Moodle practice dictates the use of a supported version.

Availability for Moodle Partners:

Catalyst is open to extending this service to other Moodle partners for application to their client sites. We encourage discussions, especially concerning multi-site applications, marking a significant step in embracing Moodle 4.1 LTS.

We’re prepared!:

Catalyst has been diligently preparing for the transition to Moodle 4.1 LTS and has now completed upgrading ALL of our client partners. 

“At Catalyst we understand it takes enormous effort and diligent planning to upgrade complex and custom platforms, especially when changes to underlying infrastructure (PHP & MySQL/PostgreSQL) are also required. It may just not be viable, instead opting to see out a platform on a previous version such as 3.9 – however, security must be considered and we hope this extended support service will assist those out there who need to remain secure and compliant” 

Joey Murison, Managing Director, Catalyst IT Europe

As you embark on the journey from Moodle 3.9 to 4.1 LTS, Catalyst stands ready to support its partners and clients with our Extended Security Support.

Our commitment to delivering outstanding learning platforms remains unwavering, backed by a robust team of Moodle experts. We invite collaboration and communication from the Moodle community, reinforcing the strength of open-source in sustaining and evolving this powerful learning management system!