Catalyst July newsletter

5 August 2021 by Leanne Hughes

This month we have been focusing on delivering on our partnerships, new and old. We have been working to onboard new partners including STEM Learning, Galway Met Institute of Tech, and SNOMED. We have also been delivering on our annual upgrade season for our many partners in the Higher Education sector - all in all a very busy month for Catalyst EU.
Read more about the cloud hosting strategic partnership formed between Catalyst and University College London UCL during the pandemic. 

In July we hosted a webinar, Catalyst's Talent Experience Platform, using Totara, Learn, Perform and Engage to support and upskill our workforce, to enhance collaboration and shared learning practices. We are investing in employee engagement and development to increase the expertise across our team and better develop the multitude of talent within our company. Employees who are engaged and work collaboratively deliver higher quality work, are happier in the workplace, and are more productive.

During September we will be hosting webinars with The British Dental Association, Totara, and Met Office to explore how they rapidly upskilled staff during the global lockdown.