Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar is hell

Kiwicon 9 opening address

by Gavin Porter

As Security Manager at Catalyst, attendance at Kiwicon is pretty much mandatory each year. It was again pleasing to look around the crowds and recognise so many Catalyst staff (I lost count at 25!).

Security training and knowledge sharing are much easier with teams that are enthusiastic to 'do security right' - very convenient that there is a great conference within walking distance from our Wellington office.

One reason it is so near us in Wellington is because of the number of Catalyst volunteers working behind the scenes to organise Kiwicon itself, including cyber ducks!

We heard from a variety of amazing presenters over the course of the two day conference, including a fabulous keynote on cybersecurity regulations by Katie Moussouris who turned down an invitation from the White House to come to Kiwicon. 

It's great to work for a company that sponsors such events, supports staff getting involved and where you can even see a director in the audience if you look carefully.

The event was also a good chance to catch up with former Catalyst staff and a few customers.

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