Moodle training, consultancy in the education community

4 June 2021 by Leanne Hughes

Moodle is one of the most popular LMS platforms because it is ethical. Moodle open source software is supported by a global community of developers and experts. Developers all over the globe can access the code needed to modify and improve Moodle - a huge benefit of being open source!

Moodle is driven by one of the largest open source software teams anywhere in the world. This means Moodle is constantly being updated by those who recognise how to improve end user experience. The Moodle Community Forums have already answered over 144 million Moodle posts and given its users access to 72 million learning resources.

At Catalyst our team of learning technologists have become increasingly active on multiple platforms within the Moodle Community. Using webinars, Twitter and LinkedIn, we at Catalyst provide a consistent contribution to training  and awareness on all aspects of Moodle. 

Highlighting our commitment to open source and giving back to the Moodle community, our team is frequently asked to talk at webinars and industry events, as illustrated in the following list: HECA, ALT conference, Moodle Munch webinars, Moodle Educators Certificate and DigCompEdu and Student content creation with Moodle and Mahara, Virtual Bridge, 2021 Moodle Moot UK and Ireland, Such events have given us the opportunity of presenting scalable e-assessment solutions, digitalising Pre-Masters programmes with University of Bolton. Most recently we have been invited to be the international keynote speakers at the 2021 Moodle Moot Croatia

Catalyst Moodle training and consultancy 

The proliferation of the Moodle and Mahara sites have provided us with a wealth of experience within the HE and FE sectors. We work collaboratively with your institution and consistently adapt to your learning environment, to optimise student and staff engagement alike. This approach has been particularly valuable throughout the pandemic. 

We understand that by listening to your institution's individual requirements, we can provide the kind of end to end support that addresses any technical gaps you may have. We are dedicated to helping you align your digital learning strategies with our software, delivering sustainable solutions. Solutions born of our international educational expertise.

Our consultation begins with an hour-long diagnostic of your e-learning requirements. Working collaboratively means we form joint objectives based on your resources and time available. We lay out a plan for continual monitoring of our collaborative project goals to ensure their success.

We ensure your key deliverables are met in order to implement change. Institutions involved in the collaborative projects also benefit from more focused support on key e-learning issues. 

As we understand the pressures institutions such as yours are under, we provide a network of safe spaces to support your key e-learning issues. This collaborative model allows us to implement beneficial and long lasting solutions. 

Our suite of training solutions, group or individual, off the shelf or tailored is designed to meet your specific requirements. We have worked with institutions all over the globe to deliver effective training and consultancy. This is how we meet unique and online educational challenges. We also tackle such subjects as universal design for learning, accessibility and inclusivity. 

We help you maximise the value of your LMS and invest in re-skilling and up skilling your staff.

Our learning technologists are passionate about education.

  • We train educators on how to use their e-learning platform more efficiently and effectively.
  • We develop new resources and content to meet your e-learning needs.
  • We provide technical support and consulting for both operational and strategic requirements.
  • We support and encourage accessibility and inclusion, designing your online and blended delivery to meet learners preferences and needs across all devices.
  • Design and Creation of e-assessment, has resulted in richer meaningful feedback - increasing dialogue using many solutions including audio and video. 
  • Enhancing the student experience by redesigning dashboards and menus with simple customisation.

Benefits to your institution include:

  • Bespoke training packages and consultancy aligned to your e learning strategy.
  • A more motivated and well informed team.
  • Global expertise and collaboration.
  • Cost effective implementation with the convenience of online delivery. 
  • Flexibility in design, development and delivery.  

With pedagogical and university backgrounds we understand how to enhance the student online experience and can pinpoint areas for improvement for online student success, feedback and retention.   

If you’d like to get in touch about your e-learning goals and challenges this year, please contact Jasmin Davies-Hodge and Sam Taylor,