Try out docker swarm mode on the Catalyst Cloud

by Donovan Jones

If you have a Catalyst Cloud account and you want to play with the latest features of docker, read on!

Docker 1.12 released last year added a native orchestration feature known as swarm mode. This mode brings Kubernetes features like services to the core docker engine without requiring you to install and configure additional software. The Docker documentation provides a useful tutorial for learning how to use swarm mode. The tutorial requires some setup:

  • three networked host machines
  • Docker Engine 1.12 or later installed
  • the IP address of the manager machine
  • open ports between the hosts

The Catalyst Cloud team have written an introductory tutorial and an Ansible playbook to do this setup for you so you can jump into this tutorial with minimal effort. When you are done just run the cleanup playbook to delete all the resources you used.

Keep an eye on our Catalyst Cloud tutorials section if you are interested in container orchestration, more tutorials will be added soon.