Lya Gobetti

12 Days of Course Design

It’s the season for giving and this Christmas our way to give back to the wonderful community of teachers, trainers and learners was to impart some of the knowledge we’ve...

Joey Murison

Moodle 4.1 has landed

The first Long Term Stable release for the new 4th generation Moodle LMS.

It’s fair to say it's been a little while in the making, but we...

Mark Johnson

Contributions to Moodle 4.1... funded by UCL, crafted by Catalyst!

One of the best things about working with open-source products is that when you make improvements, they benefit not only you but all users of the software.

When one...

Lya Gobetti

Moodle Moot Global 2022 - Future of Education

It’s been a month since MoodleMoot Global, and we’re still excited about all the great conversations we’ve had about the future of education! So let’s catch up on our time in...
Sam Taylor

What’s new with Mahara ePortfolios?

As an official individual Mahara Supporter and Business Partner, on behalf of Catalyst IT Europe, I was invited to attend a recent update meeting with Kristina Hoeppner, Mahara...

Michiel Dethmers

Moodle security vulnerability


Today, Moodle announced a security vulnerability in their platform. The vulnerability can be exploited by anyone who is registered with the Moodle site....

Joey Murison

Deepening Catalyst's global partnerships

This July Catalyst IT turns 25 years old, growing from a team of five individuals in Wellington New Zealand to a global company with ten offices and almost 400 staff....

Leanne Hughes

Does your Healthcare TXP have ability to adapt to integrated care?

The NHS is delivering around-the-clock care. Staff staying current and updated on statutory and mandatory training and compliance is essential for patient safety. The sheer...

Leanne Hughes

Catalyst July newsletter

This month we have been focusing on delivering on our partnerships, new and old. We have been working to onboard new partners including STEM Learning, Galway Met...

Sam Taylor

Engage your employees with a Totara Talent Experience Platform

As a Platinum Partner of Totara, we at Catalyst provide consultation and training support to our clients on best practices and applications for in-house training and...

Leanne Hughes

Catalyst June newsletter

Get a head start for summer with your LMS - increase staff performance and create engaging learner experiences.

Leanne Hughes

Moodle training, consultancy in the education community

Moodle is one of the most popular LMS platforms because it is ethical. Moodle open source software is supported by a global community of developers and experts. Developers...