Learning to code with Mahara

by Jinelle Foley-Barnes

Working on the Mahara ePortfolio project has proven to be a great way for students of all ages to learn programming –...

Julius Serrano

Using Free and Open Source Assistive Technology

Open source software gives us freedom to help and innovate at little or no cost. And for people with disabilities like me, this freedom includes independence -...

Matthew Holloway

Two and Twenty Years Of Browsers OR Jankfree Animation

Why are some web pages faster than others? How are browsers going to change over the next few years? These are questions that web developers should know the answers to...

Andrew Boag

Python Flask as a Web Service Engine

Web services are no longer an after-thought in application design in these times and to support the data interchange in one of our recent application projects we were in need...

Paul Stevens

Introducing Moodle and Totara LMS Off-line player

Catalyst partnered with a large non-profit, global organisation to develop a means for their staff to access critical learning irrespective of where they were located....

Andrew Boag

Our GlusterFS Experiences

NOTE: This blog does not aim to explain the workings of GlusterFS, nor provide you with setup and configuration advice. There are plenty of great resources out there on the...

Alison Aldred

Open Source Training

In early 2013 our training programme was conceived.  During the 2012 strategy day, lots of our people said they wanted more access to training.  Rather than just...


On the importance of upstreaming

by Robin Sheat

This is based on a talk I gave at OSDC2014 in the Gold Coast. The conference page is here, and the video is also online....

Bevan Wishart

Drupal Menu Position Management

I recently was working on a drupal project I had inherited from previous devs. This introduced me for the first time to the Drupal Menu Position module -

Don Christie

Square Kilometre Array and Open Source

Computing for SKA - Some thoughts

It's Friday 13th February and I'm in Auckland. Coincidence?

My purpose was to attend and talk at the "...

Andrew Boag

Making Use of Queueing in Your Architecture


Catalyst has had a lot to do with all manner of integration solutions, and our focus on using open source technologies has given us the flexibility to...


Five years Catalyst Open Source Academy

by Kristina Hoeppner

In 2010 Catalyst decided to offer students the opportunity to learn from our experts and experience project work first-...