Chris Cormack

How many other IT companies have a Kapa Haka?

I'm going to hazard a guess and say, not many, if any.

As part of our birthday celebrations, all the staff of our NZ offices spent Friday the 7th of July being able to...

Don Christie

20 Years Ago

20 years ago Jim Bolger was still our Prime Minister, the All Blacks made a clean sweep of the Bledisloe Cup and Wellington became the first city in the world to lay a fibre...

Jen Zajac

How to run a conference

I recently had the pleasure of directing the first national JavaScript conference for New Zealand, which took place in Wellington earlier this year. The conference, nz.js(con...

Donna Benjamin

What's an Inkscape?

Inkscape is free and open source drawing software.  It’s available for Linux (of course), but also for Windows, and for MacOS too.  It’s a tool for drawing...


Koha adventures in India

A few times a year Chris Cormack gets on a plane to somewhere really interesting to talk about Koha.

Chris was the original developer of Koha and is in demand for...

Evan Giles

JMeter as a Load Testing Tool

Catalyst manage a lot of Enterprise web applications, enough that we are always seem to be upgrading one instance or another. More and more in the world of cloud...

Zoe Lu

DevOpsDays Sydney 2016


Late last year, I attended DevOpsDays Sydney 2016 Conference. This conference aims to have all participants, learning and sharing ideas of adopting...

Ian Beardslee

Catalyst Open Source Academy 2017

I want to talk (or is that blog?) about something that makes Catalyst a fantastic place to work.

Something that challenges the minds of the next generation.

Alex Buckley

A better onboarding tool for Koha

In November 2016 Mika Smith and I started as Koha interns at Catalyst. We were given an exciting opportunity to help library administrators all around the world by redesigning...

MaryRose Painter

Catalyst loves to innovate

One of the things that surprises people most when they start working at Catalyst is the strong DIY culture that exists here.

As a Kiwi company, DIY is in our blood....

Donovan Jones

Try out docker swarm mode on the Catalyst Cloud

If you have a Catalyst Cloud account and you want to play with the latest features of docker, read on!

Docker 1.12 released last year added a native orchestration...

Del Stevens

Why Catalyst eLearning?

When someone asks me this sort of question, it's tempting to try and produce some sort of pithy soundbite, preferably one that incorporates some en-vogue buzzwords and would...