Ian Beardslee

Catalyst Open Source Academy 2017

I want to talk (or is that blog?) about something that makes Catalyst a fantastic place to work.

Something that challenges the minds of the next generation.

Alex Buckley

A better onboarding tool for Koha

In November 2016 Mika Smith and I started as Koha interns at Catalyst. We were given an exciting opportunity to help library administrators all around the world by redesigning...

MaryRose Painter

Catalyst loves to innovate

One of the things that surprises people most when they start working at Catalyst is the strong DIY culture that exists here.

As a Kiwi company, DIY is in our blood....

Donovan Jones

Try out docker swarm mode on the Catalyst Cloud

If you have a Catalyst Cloud account and you want to play with the latest features of docker, read on!

Docker 1.12 released last year added a native orchestration...

Del Stevens

Why Catalyst eLearning?

When someone asks me this sort of question, it's tempting to try and produce some sort of pithy soundbite, preferably one that incorporates some en-vogue buzzwords and would...

MaryRose Painter

Our year in review

2016 has been another very busy year for Catalyst.

From our offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom we've helped all sorts of clients to achieve the...

Zoe Lu

The journey of learning Terraform

As part of Catalyst’s operational activity we recently decided to try out Terraform in our orchestration toolset for a large piece of client infrastructure build. I was given...

MaryRose Painter

The Outer Beauty of Open Source - Catalyst Design Team

Open Source software is beautiful. It's beautiful because you can see the code, share the code and change the code. Our talented developers make sure that when you look under...

Kathryn Tyree

Ko tōku reo taku ohooho, ko tōku reo taku māpihi maurea

You might have met Douglas Bagnall, perhaps at NDF in 2014 or 2015. You might have stopped him in the halls because he is passionate about some of the same things as you....

MaryRose Painter

Things you MUST know before you deploy OpenStack

Recently, our Catalyst Cloud GM Bruno Lago was in Barcelona at the OpenStack Summit. He talked to attendees about what he's learned getting the Catalyst Cloud up and running....


New Catalyst Moodle Plugin - Outage Manager

Planned outages are a necessary evil.

As a Moodle Partner, we manage hosting and support for our enterprise Moodle clients.

Some of these clients receive...

Bruno Lago

Upcoming changes to cloud object storage

The Catalyst Cloud object storage service is about to get even better. It will replicate your objects across regions and introduce features that are very useful for web...