Bruno Lago

Serverless Computing in OpenStack

Qinling delivers Function as a Service (Serverless Computing) in OpenStack clouds.

Lingxian Kong and Feilong Wang are senior cloud engineers from the...

Russell Michell

Blockchain 101 - part 2


In my previous post I covered key concepts fundamental to understanding blockchain technology, and detailed a small handful of real world use-cases. In this...

Jess Freeman

Work In Progress

On November 8, some Catalystas attended the Work in Progress Conference in Wellington. 

We had the privilege of listening to a whole day of incredible speakers...

Gavin Porter

Moving away from Symantec Certificate Authorities

An ever-growing number of security issues have been identified with certificates issued by Symantec Certificate Authorities (CAs) over recent years. Affected certificates...

Alex Lawn

Cutting our AWS spend in half

It often seems that, by default, our AWS monthly spends go in only one direction - up.

Our AWS cost reduction strategy has evolved over time, through the work we’ve...

Gavin Porter

Security vulnerabilities: what you need to know


Overnight, security weaknesses have been published in the WPA2 protocol used by most home and commercial Wi-Fi systems, including public Wi-Fi. The attack that...

Chris Cormack, Brendan A. Gallagher

Koha plus FOLIO: a solution for connected library services


Catalyst and Bywater Solutions are both vendors for Koha library management system. We have worked together in the Koha community for 8...

Russell Michell

Blockchain 101

You’ve heard of bitcoin, and you read about Silk Road a while back. Bitcoin is just ‘geek money’ and you can’t possibly do anything useful with it... right?


Evan Hanson

Vagrant and LXD

Managing Development Environments

We use a variety of technologies to help us manage development environments. One of these is Linux Containers...

The SilverStri…

SilverStripe at Catalyst

Our team

Catalyst’s Agile SilverStripe Team is a group of six dedicated IT professionals with a combined professional experience in website and web-...


Catalyst and the Public Sector

Catalyst was formed in Wellington in 1997. Over the last twenty years, we have developed longstanding successful relationships with a wide range of public...

Don Christie

Diversity, inclusion and marriage equity

Since Catalyst developed its diversity policy earlier this year there were a number of things that struck me. The first was that it had taken us 20 years to describe the...