Catalyst Code

Catalyst Code - Then


This story starts in Wellington in 1997. 

When five technologists sat around a table and created the first New Zealand owned and operated open source start-up. 

Others saw them more as an upstart, given they were intent on reinventing a marketplace restricted by software licenses and foreign-market-driven IT pricing models. 

The desire to change the technology ‘conversation’ was the real catalyst for their new venture. 

So, naturally, they called the company Catalyst. 

A company excited by the Internet and the possibility of changing the way everyday people worked and engaged with technology. 

Catalyst was formed to champion a push towards open enterprise. 

Creating value for clients and communities through free and open source software

It’s a belief that’s been a source of personal pride and shared success ever since.


Catalyst Code Now

Today, as free and open source becomes more dominant, we’re as excited as ever to open up even greater opportunity for our public and private sector clients

Of course we’re no longer just five people around a table. 

We’re a global team of talented Open Source Technologists. 

We champion the freedom to innovate. 

Creative thinkers solving complex business problems with smart technology solutions

Solutions that generate economic and social opportunities. 

Collaborative thinkers and doers driving the way businesses and governments use technology. 

As we continue to look forward to a world that is more and more open, we continue to give back, too. 

To the online communities we work and play in

To the future open source technologists who will champion tomorrow’s open enterprise. 

At Catalyst, free and open source is not just what we do,
it's what we stand for.