Quality Assurance/Test Analyst

Team: eLearning - Project Delivery/SRE 

Reports to:    Team Lead
Date:        July 2021

Job summary
Your role will include facilitating and assisting our software team to deliver high quality customisations for eLearning platforms across the globe. You will work with cross functional teams of developers, designers and product specialists.
We encourage Continuing Professional Development for all our staff using a combination of supported training and self-paced learning.

Roles and responsibilities:
    •    Positive attitude and soft skills; collaboration, working as part of a wider team and within project teams

    •    Reliability and ability to commit to deadlines

    •    General problem solving and debugging skills
    •    Working with non-technical audiences (clients and colleagues) to clearly articulate technical issues

    •    Excellent written communication skills for both technical and non-technical audiences

    •    A solid foundation in web technology concepts (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Skills and competencies: 
Teamwork and relationship building
    •    Works effectively across the Catalyst team and with other external teams

    •    Understands how the internal team functions within Catalyst’s strategic environment

    •    Regularly engages with clients and can independently represent Catalyst in client meetings  
    •    Self-motivated and contributes to team planning and work allocation

    •    Actively shares knowledge across the business. Contributes to best practice in their domain

    •    Exceptional problem solving skills
    •    Strong motivation and willingness to learn new things

Technical proficiency
    •    Understands specifics of their domain and can work collaboratively to upskill and train others

    •    Can provide technical improvements and valuable domain knowledge
    •    Competent at analysing elements and breaking them down into tasks

Desirable knowledge and experience:
    •    Some familiarity with Moodle, Totara or Mahara a strong advantage

    •    Experience of writing or working with Gherkin based test scripts

    •    Any prior programming experience

    •    Linux experience

    •    Creating or following formal test plans

    •    Working with User Stories in an agile environment

    •    Behat or other test automation tools

    •    Open Source tools, applications and communities

Business acumen
    •    Alerting and prioritising attention to issues as they are identified through the appropriate channels

    •    Emulates the culture and professional values of the Catalyst company within the organisation and
         externally in client and collaborative engagements
    •    Understands the connection between Catalyst’s brand and our long term success

    •    Champions open source solutions within wider professional groups

    •    Promotes and encourages a 'commitment to excellence'
 culture within the team