Here at Catalyst, we specialise in the design, development and hosting of e-learning platforms. Catalyst are one of Moodle's longest standing partners, co-founders of Totara LMS and core developers and maintainers of the Mahara project.






Totara LMS is a custom distribution of Moodle, the world's most popular learning management platform, for the corporate sector.


Moodle is a feature-rich, flexible and secure learning management system - Moodle is a versatile learning platform designed to provide a single robust and secure system to create personalised learning scenarios.





Mahara is an open source ePortfolio system that allows for secure collection, reflection & sharing of work and achievements online.


What we do

Need an elearning system for your organisation? We take away the pain of installation, integration and support, so you can focus on content. We provide the technical expertise to get everything up and running, hassle-free.

Because we only use open source products, there's freedom to customise your system so it precisely meets your needs. This also means there are no ongoing licensing fees.

Why that's important

It can be tough to get your overstretched IT department to prioritise support for your elearning system. Providing that support is our top priority.

Our experienced staff can solve problems quickly, and we have the automated tools to remove much of the manual support work. This means when looking at the overall costs of maintaining your internal elearning system, Catalyst services usually work out cheaper.

How we do it

Our team of experienced developers have over 70 years' combined Moodle experience. We are supported by an equally skilled team of system administrators and theme designers.

This means we run an optimised elearning hosting platform that provides our customers with highly responsive and available (2015: 99.93%) elearning applications. We also support elearning applications for clients with on-premise hosting.

Our expertise includes instructional design - how you make your learning requirements and content work on a digital platform. We'll work with you (and whatever content authoring tools or partners you might bring) to deliver an integrated end to end learning solution.

Examples of our work

Implementing and supporting elearning sites with high performance requirements. We support a site with four million users, capable of handling 14,000 course completions per minute. Read more...

Implementing and supporting sites with particular security requirements. We run sites for a number of NZ Government departments, and make sure these are fully compliant with security standards. Read more...

Integrations. Larger organisations with HR systems and central directories want their elearning system to be fully integrated for user provisioning (setting up user accounts) and user authentication (Single Sign On). We collaborate with client IT staff and third parties to make these integrations work. Read more...

Customisations. With open source software, functionality is not limited by the capability of a proprietary software vendor. We take client requirements and develop new functionality. A recent example is the Moodle Offline Player, which allows users to complete course while offline, with results being synchronised to the main site on re-connection. Read more...

Trial implementations. Not sure if you need an LMS? We can provide a fully hosted Moodle site for as little as $100 per month. Sign up here

Business Analysis and Strategy Development. Are you concerned that an LMS won't work within your environment? Our specialists can help you understand and manage the required business change. Read more...


Which solution is right for you?

Learn more about the products we use below, or contact us - we can recommend a solution precisely tailored to your needs. 

Moodle, the popular open source online training and course management system
Mahara, the leading open source ePortfolio product
Totara, an open source platform delivering corporate and public sector L&D requirements