Work with a Moodle partner and create a powerful and engaging Moodle LMS that delivers on your organisational goals.

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We provide tailor-made e-learning solutions built upon Moodle, the most widely used Learning Management System (LMS) platform in the world.

What is Moodle


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Moodle App a mobile e-learning solution. Mobile access to your LMS – courses available online and offline from any device.

Moodle Partner - Premium Certified Services Provider
Moodle Partner - Award Winner 2019 - Major Open Source Contributor to the Moodle Project

Engage with Catalyst

We can help you navigate the rapidly evolving educational landscape, by supporting your Moodle LMS platform.

We understand the need and demand from your users, ability to access from anywhere, anytime, on mobile  or desktop, and the scalability this requires. Our support system enables you to focus and deliver your academic outcomes without interruption and constant concern of maintaining your Moodle platform. We ensure predictability, a safe learning solution – facilitating speed and functionality of the learning platform.

Catalyst’s Moodle services

Catalyst is the 4th biggest contributor to the Moodle project, and an award winning Certified Premium Moodle Partner for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

We have 20 years experience working with Moodle partners network. We work with over 30 institutions and public sector businesses, supporting over 185,000 users in the UK and Europe.

If you are looking to empower your educators and learners with highest levels of support for your Moodle online learning management system ­— whether it’s for 200 users or 2 million — Catalyst has the expertise and the experience to help you succeed.


We can help you review your roadmap, look at where you are and decide where you need to go. By working as a trusted partner we can look at the best and most effective e-learning solutions to achieve your institutions or organisational goals. We understand the need for a bespoke approach and that one size doesn’t fit all. Together we find for the most engaging and highly intuitive journey for your users.


Do you want to integrate your Moodle site with your student or human resources management system or create single sign-on with systems such as Drupal, Koha and Mahara? We can help. There are limitless possibilities to transform your e-learning experience and improve your existing platform and architecture.

Installation and optimisation

We can install your Moodle site and ensure optimum performance levels. With experience in large, high-performance installations of Moodle, Catalyst can help you provide a stable and scalable learning management system for your organisation. We look after the largest Moodle instance in the UK. We guarantee a Moodle site that runs at speed, with precision and optimum data security.

Full managed AWS hosting

Catalyst hosts clients sites on AWS as an Advanced Technology Partner. We offer a fully managed hosting for organisations of all sizes, from universities, corporates to, public sector and government departments. With 24/7 monitoring, proactive security measures and scheduled backups, we offer a safe and stable hosting environment for your Moodle site. AWS hosting provides the ultimate in a robust, secure and scalable hosting solution with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Business requirements analysis

We can help you capture what you need and want to achieve implementing Moodle. With experienced business analysts and Moodle users on staff, Catalyst can offer results focussed analysis and maximum outcomes and benefits for both immediate and long-term business plans.We collaborate and agree on a strategy for growth and meeting your online learning objectives.

Ongoing support

We can provide tailored support packages for you to assist with technical and administration issues. Our online work request management system allows you to log issues with us at any time. We manage day to day tasks, ensuring the platform is maintained, optimised and continually updated. Support packages manage, upgrades, migrations, performance testing, plug in testing, new features, bug fixes, code analysis, and any issues that should arise.

Custom development

If you wish to include any new specific features in core Moodle, or integrate other systems we can make that happen. At Catalyst we form highly trusted partnerships with our clients. We are an extension of your institutions team and active developers within the Moodle community. Catalyst has the expertise and experience to write customised code or help build a new feature. We can advise on the best plug-ins and features for an engaging and seamless user journey.

Training services

Catalyst has experienced learning technologists with university backgrounds available to create custom training programmes for administrators and teaching staff to help you get the most out of your Moodle site. We can help create and design online courses for accessibility, digital wellbeing, and more – the right content in the right format for dynamic and engaged users. We also offer MEC (Moodle Educator Programme), with start dates throughout the year.

Theming and design

Our creative team will work with you to develop an innovative look and feel for your site while retaining your organisation’s brand and identity. All your e-learning dashboards will look consistent, and are designed to not only match your brand but improve overall learner experience of Moodle across mobile or desktop devices.

Benefits of working with a partner

Key advantages of working with Catalyst:

  • 20 years expertise of customising and developing Moodle LMS
  • Our pedagocial training and consulting expertise in Moodle
  • Security and reassurance, less time managing your LMS and more time providing engaging experiences for users
  • Ongoing support and 24/7 response
  • Being able to share the benefits of the Moodle community contributions