Rogō supports the full assessment process from question and paper creation, including peer and external examiner review, to exam result analysis and report creation. It’s a complete solution.



Created and developed in the United Kingdom by the University of Nottingham, Rogō is open source and available to everyone. Rogō’s vibrant open source community ensures it is future proof and fit for purpose, with numerous useful plugins available.

Rogō is the ideal system for online assessment. Its inbuilt features ensure assessment quality, security and usability.


Rogō assessment quality features:

  • Changes to questions are recorded
  • Questions lock during editing
  • Adding or removing questions is disabled on live papers
  • External examiners have access to review papers
  • Student responses can be analysed to evaluate question performance.


Rogō security features:

  • Only accepts HTTPS connections. Data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL
  • Runs on both Windows and Linux servers
  • Seamless, secure sharing of material within staff teams for collaborative work on assessments
  • Customisable checks and balances to ensure fair assessment for all users.


Rogō usability features:

  • LDAP compatibility – users don't need a new login to access the system
  • Tailored help systems – separate systems for users taking assessments and staff writing assessments
  • Web-based solution – Rogō runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.