Student Analytics

Future proofing your institution with data driven decisions

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The global population of students and their mobility is increasing at an exponential rate. Institutions are competing for student talent and student success. Student’s perspective has developed, their choice is global and their expectations are increasingly personalised experiences. With access to study materials anytime, anywhere – on demand Students expect real-time progress reports and feedback.

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A more personalised service
Catalyst can help you increase retention, enrolment and graduation rates, using customised access and accurate, real-time data. By identifying at risk students, through detailed analytics, early intervention is made possible.

Student success
Student analytics improve student success through proactive insight into their needs and behaviour.

Student support
Detailed analytics means greater support and guidance for institutions for a growing student body. Insight into their students’ performance reaching those students who need it most.

Student engagement
Student analytics gives educators the tools to help drive motivation and engagement. The real-time insights provide targeted feedback to help students stay on track and motivated.

Advantages for Educators 

  •  Early intervention and keeping students on track
  •  Absorption of larger class sizes – identifying students needing extra support
  • Clearer focus on helping students overcome barriers to achievement
  •  Access to user-friendly online communication tools
  •  Creation of bespoke interventions based on each student’s individual circumstances

Advantages for Institutions

  • Focus on implementation of at risk students that need more attention and support
  • Implementing change and data driven decisions, based on student behaviour insight
  • Enhancement of financial benefit through increased student success
  • Protection of brand and reputation through a more personalised student experience
  • Streamlining of processes and policies based on student insights

Driving student success, engagement and motivation

We collaborate with our partners and help them take the next step to implement data driven decisions, into personalised and proactive goals for their institution.


Personalised experience

Create a more personalised student experience and journey.


Facilitate student success

Greater opportunity for student success and achievement


Student choice

Synergy of talent and choice of degree pathway


Pedagogical expertise

Collaborate with our team of highly experienced learning technologists.