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Totara Learn is a flexible and comprehensive LMS, facilitating your organisation’s online training and compliance. Capabilities include: onboarding, CPD, compliance, performance management and advanced reporting.

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Transform your e-learning experience with Totara LMS; Empower your staff with enhanced digital training, compliance and performance management features, supported by Catalyst IT.

Introducing Totara Learn

Totara Learn is an industry leading open source Learning Management System (LMS), supporting 19 million users worldwide..

Create, deliver and track effective training with robust compliance. Totara is transforming corporate learning by unlocking the potential of employees by delivering high quality training with content that is easy to curate. Whether your needs are performance management and evaluation, compliance, or increased employee engagement, Totara has it covered.


This short 2 minute video provides an overview of Totara Learn LMS

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Totara Learn, an adaptable learning management system that supports your business

An e-learning solution that can be customised adapt to the unique needs of your industry:

  • Industries we support: Business services, Education and Training, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality and Travel, Manufacturing, Non Profit, Government, Retail, Sports and Lifestyle, Technology and Media. 
  • Learn – rapid scaling of your learning programmes. Personalised, flexible and accessible learning to support global teams whenever required.
  • Upskill – blended learning for corporate training success and collaboration. Course management features target learners with relevant content.
  • Transform –  customise your learning technology to support the achievement of your business goals.

Explore the latest version – Totara 18

Totara Perform additions and enhancements

Login and Security

  • Improved login experience with new design and language options.
  • Added SAML SSO for easier user authentication.
  • Enhanced security with MFA for site administrators.

Learning and Engagement

  • New pathway format for better learning structure.
  • Interactive H5P activity for course creation.
  • Ability to clone programs for faster setup.
  • Improved content organization with merged topics and global tags.
  • Integration of courses into Engage workspaces.
  • Enhanced learning analytics with IntelliData integration.
  • Numeric custom fields for better data tracking.

Performance Management

  • Goal setting and progress tracking in Totara Perform.
  • Performance overview for better insight.
  • Improved competency reporting.

Additional Features

  • Comprehensive training resources available.
  • On-demand webinars for platform guidance.
  • Community for support and collaboration.

Watch this short 5 minute video overview


Totara Learn provides intuitive digital transformation of corporate training 

Multi-tenancy that supports multiple groups and business units

Cater to multiple groups from a single instance of your GDPR compliant LMS, combining a streamlined admin experience with unique branding for each  separate user environment.

Create comprehensive, custom reports

Cater to multiple groups from a single instance of your GDPR compliant LMS, combining a streamlined admin experience with unique branding for each  separate user environment.

Target learners outside your business

Sustain competitive advantage with extended enterprise LMS delivery. This allows you to target external groups and expand your audience to customers, partners or the general public.  Widen the global reach of your training and allow your organisation to thrive. Our partners UNICEF have quadrupled traffic to their Totara learning platform Agora using extended enterprise multi-tenancy for partners and guest users.

Evidence of compliance and course completion

Systematic logging of assessments and certifications prove the timely completion of compliance training, and automatically remind learners to get certified

Single sign-on access to learning

SSO supports streamlined access to learning with users’ centralised accounts. Common SSO protocols (SAML & OIDC) along with ready to go Microsoft, Google or Facebook connections eliminate the frustration and security risk of remembering multiple logins, boosting user experience (UX) and simplifying the overall learning experience.

Custom theming and design

Custom theming, LMS gamification, design and navigation give employees a seamless, instantly recognisable and engaging user experience across your corporate learning platform.

How Catalyst IT supports Totara Learn


Consultancy, including requirements analysis and solution design. We focus on long-term partnerships with our clients. We are dedicated to helping you enhance, evolve and grow online learning for your business or organisation.

24 hour support

Managed AWS cloud hosting, with outstanding follow-the-sun support and global incident response services for customers. We provide highly available, fully scalable cloud hosting solutions.


Development and integration, including theming and design. White label your LMS with your brand to make a more personal experience for your users and encourage higher levels of engagement.


Bespoke training with our learning technologist team to develop your e-learning content and help engage your learners to achieve great results.

Benefits of working with a Totara Platinum Partner

Choose Catalyst IT for your Totara Learn services

  • Catalyst is the Totara Global Partner of The Year 2020 – a multi-region IT service provider
  • Open source software development experts – over 20 years of support for e-learning technology
  • 24/7 follow the sun support, providing real-time response to issues as they arise
  • World-class hosting on AWS architecture for exceptional system performance, reliability and high availability
  • Security and reassurance of being able to build and audit open source code
  • Being able to share the benefits of Totara Learn community contributions

Explore how Catalyst can help migrate, customise and support your Totara Learn LMS

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