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TXP delivered by Catalyst, New Zealand’s largest and most experienced Totara partner

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Catalyst is a Totara Partner you can trust. Our experts ensure your solution is tailored to maximise your team's performance.

Powerful Customisable Compliance Management

Totara Learn is an open platform, so we design your solution on your terms – you’re in control of the layout, look and functionality. Also, Catalyst is open source, we are able to integrate your Totara Learn with plugins and extra customisations.

Manage your organisation’s performance

Totara Learn accurately records who is certified and holds what skills and competencies required within their role and growth opportunities. You can also motivate your teams with achievement records and badges.


Totara Learn is available on all devices and Catalyst can provide a full re-brand and personalised theming across all devices to reflect your organisation and target audience.

Simplify compliance

Personalised dashboards displaying graphical reporting and completion tracking make it easy to streamline reporting and ensure you meet compliance. Improve workflow through assigning and sharing tailored reports to teams or managers.

Organisational Structure

Organisation and position hierarchies along with static and dynamic audiences allow you to securely track specific competencies, assign learning and automatically filter reports.

Enable your learners

Support each learner with targeted access to relevant learning materials, personalised learning pathways structured around job roles and associated competencies and developmental needs analysis.

With a wide selection of question types and presentation methods you can easily create assessments, while building question banks and tracking scores and completion rates.

Catalyst can help you drive learning, performance and engagement

At Catalyst we can design, deploy and support Totara TXP to deliver your organisation’s vision. Our eLearning experts will manage how your learner’s sign-in, have their details automatically updated from your HR system, and help you leverage new ways to facilitate and support learning and performance.

With the launch of Totara 13, you now have access to enhanced multitenancy, a native mobile application and the evolution of favourite key features - taking your learning experience to the next level.

We can help you integrate, innovate and thrive.




When you collaborate with Catalyst you can be sure that your Totara Learn will simplify and automates your organisation’s training, compliance and team development. Engage your learners by delivering efficient and effective learning materials, watch your people grow while increasing your compliance and retention level.

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Need a more niche approach to maximise your learners’ potential? Totara Perform serves those that thrive with a more tailored Totara solution. With Totara Perform, you can access additional tools that ensure your organisation's needs are catered to such as real-time data capture, skill-gap tracking, versatile goal setting, peer-to-peer feedback and intuitive performance monitoring.

Totara Perform





Totara Engage provides a space for your teams to share expertise and collaborate. Within this space you can motivate and support your learners further with such tools as learning playlists, AI learning recommendations, gamification and detailed analytics.

Totara Engage



Transform your LMS with Totara 13 now!

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Totara Learn Product Support

Purchasing a Totara Learn Product Subscription through partners financially supports the continued development and support of the core product. A Totara Product Subscription purchased through Catalyst will provide you with:

  • A copy of the source code
  • Access to the support forums and training resources
  • Regular releases of new features
  • Updates to further enhance your Totara Learn installation
  • Support and security patches to keep things running smoothly
  • Contact channels to enable you to raise requests for help with any issues you may encounter

The number of users for the purpose of the subscription level is the number of users who have logged into the system in the previous 12 months. An annual subscription is payable for each of the Totara Experience Platform products;

  • Totara Learn - learning management (LMS)
  • Totara Engage - learning experience platform (LXP)
  • Totara Perform - performance management.


The Totara Mobile app is included with any subscription. Subscribing to more than one product then discounts the additional subscription costs:

  • First product = 100% applicable subscription price
  • Second product = 50% applicable subscription price
  • Additional products = 25% applicable subscription price.

The Pricing for the Totara Talent Experience Platform will be announced on 1 October 2020 and will appear on this page soon afterwards. Below, are the subscription prices for Totara Learn 12 and earlier versions.



Subscription # of Users USD £GBP Euro $NZ $Australian
Conversion rate   1 0.82 0.90 1.56 1.48
P500 500 $3,500 £2,870 €3,150 $5,460 $5,180
E3K 3,000 $5,700 £4,674 €5,130 $8,892 $8,436
E5K 5,000 $8,500 £6,970 €7,650 $13,260 $12,580
E10K 10,000 $11,500 £9,430 €10,350 $17,940 $17,020
E20K 20,000 $17,500 £14,350 €15,750 $27,300 $25,900
E50K 50,000 $23,000 £18,860 €20,700 $35,880 $34,040
E250K 250,000 $34,500 £28,290 €31,050 $53,820 $51,060
E500K 500,000 $46,000 £37,720 €41,400 $71,760





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