Load Testing

Be informed and have peace of mind that your system is capable of meeting anticipated load with Catalyst load testing services.

Catalyst can run a load test to find out the maximum capacity of traffic and load that your website can serve.

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Being informed about the performance of your software is crucial. We ensure that representative load testing is carried out, replicating real traffic behaviours so as:

  • We discover issues in advance of the major release or announcement – ensuring the system is going to deliver what is required of it.
  • Various scenarios and load patterns can be simulated and the impact on your system measured.

Enhancing the digital experience

Why perform Load testing, Performance testing and Stress testing?


Load testing to measure the impact on the system.


Performance testing – to understand real user scenarios and improve the learner experience.

Reporting and data analytics

Stress testing – testing until the point at which it fails to see how it recovers.

AWS Cloud hosting

A load test will help with capacity planning for the future.

Working to achieve maximum system performance at the best price points

Load testing solutions - we provide:

  • Protection of your users, your organisation and your brand experience
  • Real-time insights into performance and reliability using real life load scenarios
  • Proactive management of your learners experience by testing in advance of new releases
  • Troubleshoot precise issues to resolve them quickly in advance of users getting access
  • A deep drill down to find out what’s slowing down your website
  • Results are presented in a simple and easy to understand detailed report