Catalyst Cloud price reduction 1 September 2014

Since its launch four months ago, private and public sector organisations like yours have been using the Catalyst Cloud and we have seen an average increase of 2000% in usage across our compute and storage services. This success has enabled us to continue to develop the service and further enhance the Catalyst Cloud, making it even more useful for your business.

As a result, we are pleased to announce an average price reduction of 26% for our on-demand compute instances and the introduction of new compute flavours.

From 1 September 2014, the prices for your on-demand compute instances will decrease by between 10-40%, depending on the flavours you are using.

New prices for on-demand compute instances

Flavour vCPUs RAM (GB) Previous price per hour New price per hour Price reduction
c1.c1r1 1 1 $0.048 $0.044 8.16%
c1.c1r2 1 2 $0.087 $0.062 28.50%
c1.c1r4 1 4 $0.134 $0.098 27.07%
c1.c2r1 2 1 N/A $0.070 N/A
c1.c2r2 2 2 N/A $0.088 N/A
c1.c2r4 2 4 $0.173 $0.124 28.50%
c1.c2r8 2 8 $0.277 $0.196 29.42%
c1.c2r16 2 16 N/A $0.339 N/A
c1.c4r2 4 2 N/A $0.140 N/A
c1.c4r4 4 4 N/A $0.176 N/A
c1.c4r8 4 8 $0.277 $0.248 28.50%
c1.c4r16 4 16 $0.594 $0.391 34.13%
c1.c4r32 4 32 N/A $0.678 N/A
c1.c8r4 8 4 N/A $0.280 N/A
c1.c8r8 8 8 N/A $0.352 N/A
c1.c8r16 8 16 $0.594 $0.496 16.58%
c1.c8r32 8 32 $1.040 $0.783 39.78%

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and are exclusive of GST.

And while your bill goes down, your choices increase. VPN-as-a-Service is now available in our cloud, allowing you to interconnect your existing data centres, office networks and other hosting options with the Catalyst Cloud. Data transferred via the VPN is encrypted using a secure IPsec tunnel, enabling you to transfer data to and from our cloud with peace of mind. The VPN-as-a-Service is currently in beta and is now available for NZD $0.017 per hour or NZD $13 per month (exclusive of GST). Our normal data transfer charges apply for the VPN traffic.

This is the first of several planned new services that will be introduced. On our roadmap we have Load Balancing and Cloud Orchestration being introduced in the coming months, with Database, Message Queue and Drupal as services to follow.

To ensure we continue to help your businesses to grow, next month we are opening a Data Centre with six times the capacity of our Wellington Region. The data centre is located on the former Defence Force building in Porirua, just north of Wellington. Besides boosting the capacity of our cloud, the geographic redundancy of multiple regions will enable you to use one of of them as a Disaster Recovery Site for systems hosted in our cloud.

We are excited about the future of the Catalyst Cloud and see enormous opportunity for New Zealand businesses to achieve extraordinary things when provided with freedom to innovate. With a responsive team and a flexible open source cloud, we can introduce new features and service offerings within short time-frames. Talk to us today about how we can help you realise the benefits of the Catalyst Cloud.

Once again, thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to grow the Catalyst Cloud and support your organisations IT infrastructure and service needs.


Don Christie,
Catalyst Director